Texts and documents translation services from Good Start Today

We offer the best possible way to reach out to customers, partners, or members of an institution in a foreign language. Do you need a version of your website in another language or the translation of documents? Do you need to translate a letter, or even a book? We will propose you better conditions than a usual translation agency. Here is why:

  • You can order translation of any content via an online form 24/7 at a convenient time for you. The system of Good Start Today runs without break, which means your order will be immediately accepted for work;
  • You will save time by ordering a translation to several languages in a single task. You do not need to choose a performing author for every translation task, it is enough to specify to which languages the original content is to be translated, and then wait for the result;
  • You know for sure that not the usual translator, but a native speaker translates the content. We test and select our authors carefully. This is essential in order not to harm the information, which the original text holds as well as keep its style, structure and emotional context. Nevertheless, this takes into account the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the language in which it will be translated. To this point, you will be able to not only translate the text, but also communicate to the reader in his/her usual language, with no "accent".
  • You will be provided with a professional translation. Our translators work only with topics, which interest them and relate to their knowledge and experience. This helps avoid terminological inaccuracies and semantic errors.
  • Your content will be SEO-optimized. If you need a SEO-article translation, the translator will use the keywords according to your requirements.
  • We translate your content within any language pair. We cooperate with translators from around the world. So even if you did not find the desired language among the suggested, we will pick up a performing translator for you.

How to place a translation order

For using the services of a translator, you need to log in and fill out a simple order form. After that, a translator whose qualifications meet your specified task criteria will be appointed for the work. You can place your first order via the form for online ordering or by contacting the Customer Support any way you like.

There are possibilities to manage your content even more effective with additional services:

  • Whether you want to save time on setting tasks for translators, we offer you services of a dedicated manager. You will spend a few minutes to discuss the order, and after that, our manager will set the target for translators and supervise its timely implementation. You just have to wait for the result.
  • You can order additional proofreading to achieve the highest quality content. Our professional editors will check the accuracy of translation and correct mistakes, if there will be any.

In case you can not find the desired language pair or you still have questions, our technical support manager will be glad to render assistance. Alternatively, proceed to ordering and get high quality translation today!