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Welcome to the company's (Good Start Today) website! Here you can solve effectively any problem related to content. Are you unable to obtain the desired copywriting text quality at the optimal price? Do you spend a lot of time on the coordination of the performing authors? Or are you experiencing any difficulties in the systematization of large content volumes? We will carry out all your copywriting, proofreading and translation tasks in the specified timeframe. You will be satisfied for sure, because:

  • You will save up to 30% of the time on task formulation and testing as well as on statistical calculation and reporting. This is possible, thanks to the use of the unique GST content managing system. There are no analogues with similar functionality in the market. More
  • Your content will "hit the target". We mean not just writing the text, but attainment of your ultimate goal. Do you want to increase conversion through content? We communicate with your target audience in their own language and we will help the reader to perform the desired action.
  • You will save at least a week and weekly time budget for the content, time that otherwise would be spent on recruiting, testing and training of performing authors. Our copywriters, translators and editors are selected on the base of two professional testings. Each author has access to work only in one category in which he/she is an expert. Authors are constantly in the process of complementary training. Ordinary content markets act as mediators, so that they are not responsible for the quality of content. We treat each author as an employee of the GST Company, whose working result is under our responsibility. Thereby, a customer's success is our success.
  • You will be able to use our experience and knowledge to improve your results. Our company has successfully been engaged in content management since 2013, and the experience of our employees and authors reaches over 5 years. We continuously monitor search engines tendencies with regard to the content and research in the field of content marketing. Therefore, new tendencies and strategies will be taken into your texts account, and that will make content even more effective.
  • Your texts will always be conveniently organized while being stored in our system. If for some reason you lose your text – there will always be an easy way to find it.
  • You lessen your spending due to the system of regional tariffication. It does not matter what country you are from, we will offer you the average market prices for the desired language.
  • You receive your desirable quality at the best price. You can choose the level of price and quality taking into consideration the purpose of your content. You do not need to overpay for simple tasks. In addition, the text examples of different levels of quality will help to choose the best quality/price ratio.
  • We guarantee that you will be satisfied. The rate of the orders that customers return for revision does not exceed 5% of the total. Usually, it is associated with the necessity to clarify the nature of the business of a particular customer. We will make the required changes and you will be happy with the result.
  • You can order content creation in a variety of languages. We work with English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Serbian, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Sweden, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish languages. Do you need content in a language that is not present on the site? Please, contact our manager in any convenient way, and we will find performing writers for you!
  • It is possible to place order at any time. Our service is available 24/7.

What do we offer:

Content written by native speakers who have passed qualification selection and training:
  • simple SEO-articles
  • short products descriptions
  • short categories descriptions
  • short descriptions for catalogues
Content written by native speakers who are familiar with the subject and have extensive experience in writing articles in this category:
  • complex SEO-texts
  • full reviews of products
  • content for corporate websites
  • LSI content
Content written by experienced authors who possess analytical skills and which contains the elements of the study, the author's assessment or opinion:
  • analytical articles
  • texts for marketing materials
  • high quality web content
Proofreading content for grammatical errors in one language:
  • content for sites and applications;
  • a description of products;
  • email letters;
  • documentation.
Proofreading content for grammatical, stylistic, and semantic errors in one language:
  • full reviews of products
  • content marketing
  • complex articles
For translation
Proofreading translation for grammatical, stylistic, and semantic errors:
  • full reviews of products
  • content marketing
  • complex articles
Translation of text by a native speaker:
  • the main web-site content;
  • social networks statuses and comments;
  • correspondence.
Translation of text by an experienced native speaker:
  • complex SEO-articles;
  • professional correspondence;
  • description of products.
Translation by professional native speakers who are experts on the subject:
  • translation of marketing materials
  • e-books
  • high-quality web content

Additional services

Altogether, copywriting, proofreading and translation can not cover the entire spectrum of content related work. That is why, for customers who want to save as much time as possible we offer additional services:

  • You can order allocation of your material on the site. Publication will be carried out in accordance with the specified schedule. We will select the images according to your wishes. We will compose and fill the metadata (title, description) as well as do internal linking of your work. Please, check the cost of posting service with the manager.
  • You can take the advantage of a dedicated manager. Do you want to ensure time is not wasted on setting targets? We will give you a manager who will accompany the entire project. Your communication with the manager may take place at a convenient time for you, and then – you just get progress reports and enjoy the result. Our employee will guide your project inside the system, they will create tasks and monitor them to be timely and performed with high quality. The cost of dedicated content manager's services is calculated individually, depending on the complexity of the project.
  • Do you already have a team of performing authors, but want to organize the work with them and make it more comfortable? We invite you to bring your team here and pay only for using the system. It is possible to save time on keeping content records, and that is an opportunity to make your work and that of your team more efficient!

In case you have not found the required service, please, contact our manager and we will develop it specially for you. We will be glad to receive your comments and suggestions. Start with the right words, right now!

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