Proofreading from Good Start Today – be sure that you have high quality content

Working with content, you probably know how much time can be spent checking texts. The question is, what you can do if the content is in a foreign language that you do not understand. Alternatively, what if you need to check the accuracy of the translation? You can entrust this task to a translation agency, but still, you will face several challenges:

  • The texts will be read through by a translator and not by a native speaker;
  • Agencies usually perform tasks slowly – during a few days or even a week;
  • Very likely that the proofreading will be executed by a person who has no special knowledge, education and experience in the content-related subject.

We will carry out your proofreading tasks without these difficulties, which means you get the highest quality at the best price in the desired time!

What is meant by proofreading

What does it mean to read through text qualitatively? An experienced editor would say that it is a complex job with the aid of which virtually any material could be turned into high-quality content. Proofreading includes:

  • Checking for grammatical errors and their correction;
  • Editing of stylistic errors;
  • Correcting punctuation;
  • Editing of vocabulary and sentence structure, depending on the target audience of the content;
  • Checking task for compliance to SEO-requirements;
  • Adjusting the structure of the text;
  • Correcting semantic errors in the content.

What do you get when ordering proofreading from GST?

You should entrust content checking to professionals because:

  • You will save time on checking texts. If you have a large amount of content, then checking it on your own is physically impossible. In this situation, you need the services of an editor or proofreader, meanwhile you will be able to spend time on other tasks.
  • Ordering proofreading from GST is more profitable than to keep in-house editors. You will be able to pay only for the amount of work that is actually being performed. This will help to save money spent on a staff employee as well as on his medical sick leave, taxes, vacations and workplace design. You will not need to spend resources on training and motivation. You pay for the service and get the result without unnecessary worries.
  • You can be confident in our professionalism. Our proofreaders are not only native speakers, but have a specialized education in the field of philology and journalism. Due to the vast editorial experience in a particular category, our proofreaders make the content exciting and interesting for readers. In case you do not speak the language of the written content, but you need it to be checked, then ordering proofreading from us is the best solution.
  • It is comfortable to work in our system. Your content will be stored in the system and you will always be able to find the article easily.
  • We work with many languages. Among them are Russian, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Sweden, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish. Do you need a different language? We will find experienced editors for you as fast as possible.

Do you still have questions? Please, contact Customer Support and our manager will be glad to help you out. As well, you can proceed with the order, being confident in the quality of your content!