Copywriting, translation and proofreading jobs at Good Start Today

Being engaged in a favorite business, working remotely at a convenient time and getting paid decently – is this not a dream? You can make it come true with Good Start Today! We appreciate skillfully-written texts and we are ready to offer working conditions much better than the content markets and freelance websites do.

Why authors choose GST Company?

  • You should get paid for the quality, and not for the reputation! The new authors in the content markets mostly have access only to the cheapest orders. In order to ascend to decent earnings, you have to write more than one hundred thousand characters. We suggest various levels of payment, depending on how well you have passed the test task. That means, you do not need to work for your reputation. You can be paid, according to the quality of the text from the first day with GST Company!
  • You can choose the tasks according to your interests. Are you well versed in a particular topic? Would you like to continue studying and developing? We propose to earn on a subject that interests you. Share your knowledge and experience in the articles and you will get a decent pay. We work with many subjects and give you the opportunity to choose the task that fits your interests.
  • You can work on your own timetable from anywhere in the world. Our philosophy is creating comfortable online workplace for all levels of content managing. You can work when you feel comfortable and where you feel comfortable. Forget about the difference in time zones with the customer. Work while traveling. To write a text you need only a computer and Internet access.
  • You will save time on finding customers. Experienced freelancers know that searching for customers and negotiating with them is enormously time-consuming. During this time, you could write and earn money. Leave finding customers to us, whereas you can do your favorite and skilled job – the creation of high-quality content. The risk that your new customer will refuse to pay is not of your concern anymore. And there is no need to buy premium accounts on freelance markets. You are just expected to write well, and we will do the rest for you!
  • You are welcome to get advice and support. Do you have any questions referring to working with the system or on the content creation task? Use our knowledge base or contact Customer Support. GST appreciates the priority of relationship between people, so you will not communicate with a robot that gives automatic answers, but with a manager who is interested in the most rapid and effective solution to your problem.
  • There is an opportunity to improve your skill. Is development important for you? We have regular webinars and other training activities for copywriters, translators and proofreaders. Here you will learn the secrets that will make your writing more qualified. Meanwhile, in GST blog there are always interesting articles, which are full of useful information for you.
  • The amount of everyday work is completely up to you. You will not have any minimum or maximum rate for the day. You can create as much qualified content as you wish at your available time. This may be different amounts every day. The decision is yours!

How much can I earn?

Изначально уровень оплаты зависит от успешности прохождения тестового задания и языка, на котором вы пишете.

В процессе работы уровень оплаты может быть как повышен, так и понижен, о чем вы будете уведомлены заранее. Это зависит от качества контента, который вы создаете.

How to become a copywriter, translator or proofreader in GST Company?

We have a simple and transparent procedure for selection of authors, which consists of several stages.

  1. You go through a simple registration on the site.
  2. Next, you need to fill in the profile, so that we understand better your interests, as well as your experience and education.
  3. After that, you get access to online test tasks on language skills. You need to complete it in a defined period of time. Your future payment, which we will offer to you, is affected by the quality of the test passage.
  4. You are invited to write a short article (up to 1500 characters) on one of the topics that you have mentioned in your profile. The quality of writing will affect your further payment offer.
  5. The results will be processed in 48 hours. Subsequently, we will send you the result via the e-mail specified when registering. After successfully passing the test, you will get access to tasks.

How further work will be executed?

After successful completion of the test, you will get access to the tasks. You are expected to perform the task in the system in a specified time. Then, the task will be checked, and in the meantime, you can work with the next one.

Please, proceed to registration and testing. Welcome to our team!